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GUYFEST 2012 is a Cultural Festival celebrating Guyana’s rich and unique cultural heritage on Saturday July 21/2012. The festival will have a lot of the same familiar things everyone has come to love, but one big change. The annual event will be held at the Brandywine Lions Club Park, in Brandywine, (Prince George’s County), Maryland. The change brings easier access and is much closer to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

GUYFEST 2012 is more than a festival, it’s an experience you would not want to miss.

This year’s festival promises to be the biggest Caribbean cultural festival in the nation’s capital and will build on the success and excitement generated at last year’s, and aims to attract more that 5,000 Caribbean American nationals from the Delaware, Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia areas.

The festival has added a number of activities for children including Face Painting and Story Telling. A full day of Family Fun, Dominoes Tournament, Art, Music and Comedy, and a huge selection of Guyanese and Caribbean Delicacies.

A LONG LIST OF CULTURAL ACTIVITIES ARE SCHEDULED FOR THE DAY LONG EVENT, Including Afro & Indian Cultural Dances, Folk Singing, Comedy shows, Steel Pan Music. The festival will feature an impressive list of iconic  Guyanese Entertainers Including the Dynamic Duo, 2012 Soca Monarch JUMO & Road March 2012 winner ADRIAN DUTCHIN, KAPPA SHANTI, SHATTA YOUTH, along with a line-up of new and promising artists GORDON ANDRES, SHAMAIN, JAY ANDERSON, to name a few will be appearing on stage…backed by The STAR 6 Band.



(RUBBER WAIST) – Soca Monarch 2012

Born to Anita and Morris Primo, Jumo first taste of entertainment started at age 10 when he worked as a drummer with the National School of Dance until the age of sixteen.
Later at age 17, Jumo did stints as a singerwith the Mischievous Guys, EC Connection,Sheriff and Jahrusalem bands performing in and out of Guyana.

In 2001 he signed with the renowned Byron Lee and the Dragonaires Band. Since joining the Bryon Lee band, Jumohas toured over many countries and teamed up with some of the Caribbean’s top soca, reggae and chutney performers to electrify the crowds.

In 2006 Jumo teamed up with Adrian Ducthin to form the group X2 (pronounced times two). Since then, the group has
produced 8 well received songs under the Kross Kolor label.
An accomplished song writer, Jumo continues to be a sought after entertainer locally, regionally and internationally.
Jumo has written all the songs on his first album “Storm”, and tours with Bryon Lee and the Dragonaires in the Caribbean and North America.

Even though his specialty is soca, Jumo is very versatile which allows him to sing different genres of music including Indian songs. 





Born the first of six, Adrian Dutchin first appeared on the scene in 1998 as part of the group “Seven.” He was the lead singer of the group for four years before venturing into music on his own, and was signed to Kross Kolor records by Burchmore Simon. Adrian continued to work on his music and eventually came out on top in several competitions in Guyana – the Road March, twice, and once with Chris Wilson for the song “Buxton Spice.” He also made a name for himself in the Soca Monarch competition, winning three titles to-date.

After winning the Road March in 2006 Adrian became a member of “X2 (Times Two)”. He recorded with Kross Kolor Records and he was subsequently drafted by renown Bajan band Krosfyah as one of their lead singers. Dutchin sees all this as his opportunity to work hard to “keep the flag flying.”

Adrian has graced the shores of several countries, including the USA, England, Canada, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Turks and Caicos, St. Maarten and St. Croix. He has performed with most of the big names in soca such as Rupee, Machel Montano, Alison Hinds, Edwin Yearwood, Peter Ram, Destra, Shurwayne Winchester and Iwer George. He has also worked with people such as Jumo Primo of Byron Lee’s Dragonaires, Terry Gadraj and the Hit Man.

The proud father of one is currently working on his first really serious album called ‘Finally’, working with producers Shawn Noel, Darron Grant and Burchmore Simon.

“Coming from Guyana and being in music is a tough thing seeing that they are not that many people of music known around the world from Guyana,” says Dutchin. “I’m always working on making my voice heard so people know there’s a place called Guyana … where quite a bit of music do come from!”



Terry hails from Berbice, that part of Guyana that gave us such LEGENDS as Dr. Cheddi Jagan (former President of Guyana) and Rohan Kanhai (leader in the Sport of Cricket); so too, Terry is a leader in the field of music & is the unofficial goodwill Ambassador for Guyanese Music & Culture.

Terry Vivekanand Gajraj started singing as a little boy in the FYRISH ROAD Mandir where his Aja (Grandfather) was the Pandit (Priest). Terry’s Dad & Uncles (cha-cha) taught him to play various instruments such as the Dholak, Dantal, Harmonium, Keyboard & Guitar.

Terry is affectionately called the “GUYANA BABOO” after his biggest hit in 1992 that brought him international acclaim.

Terry is Guyana’s most charismatic and distinguished singer. Since his first record “Soca Lambada” was released in 1989, he has gone on to release over 25 more albums and has had number one records on all the Chutney charts in the Caribbean, North America and Europe.



Aleem Hussain, aka Shatta Youth, aka the GT Representa is a young aspiring Soca/Reggae/Chutney Artist from Georgetown Guyana. Spending most of his life on the East Coast village of Industry, he then migrated to the USA where he started his Recordings. From childhood he grew up always singing any and everything such as Reggae, Soca, American Oldies, Indian Oldies, etc. Inspired by Great Icons like Elvis Presley, Eminem, UB40, Beenie Man, T.O.K, Vybz Kartel and many more, he developed a wide range of versatility which makes him bounce from genre to genre. In 2009 he did his first recording of a very popular track which is liked by many, titled “Wine up on me”. After this first proof of creativity and talent, he then went forth to bring about many other very liked songs which built him a fan base & supporters worldwide. With follow up songs “Call Off Me Phone”, “Soca Bacanal”, “Fine Wine” , “What Am I Gonna Do”, and many more he is on a roll creating more and more tracks which are leading up to his first Official upcoming album titled “The Kick Off”, which is said to be released at the break of the new 2012 year. Shatta Youth’s goal is to Represent Guyana and all fellow Guyanese where ever he goes with his Groove and Melodies when it comes to his Music, which speaks for it self. With a mindset of being humble and focused on School and work, he approaches the music game as a hobby just for the enjoyment and experience, also to share his gift of voice and creativity musically. He is already thinking about making his return to Guyana in 2012 (He made his first debut appearance in 2009) to really introduce himself now that he has paved his way on the music scene and is noticed and recognized by many other Artists in the business. Great appreciation is showed to all the Fans/Supporters who has been there for Shatta Youth and has made his journey onto the Music Scene worth it, and Thanks to everyone else who has enjoyed the music throughout the years..


The name Jay Anderson is by no means popular just yet, but if all goes well this New York-based Guyanese college student may soon be a household name internationally.

Jay Anderson hails from Queenstown, Essequibo, but at age 13 his family migrated to the U.S.. By chance, he wrote a poem that eventually turned into a Hip Hop and R&B song, and now, many moons later, he’s got a repertoire of more than 100 songs recorded.

But of that lot, he has released only two for which he has videos, namely ‘Popular’ and ‘Mirror Mirror’.
That’s just the beginning, as this law major at the Mercy College, NY, unlike some others who have come and gone with big dreams, is focused on educating and qualifying himself with good moral Guyanese grounding from mom – Lurine Jones, an Essequibian who is a nurse in the U.S.
“My mom is serious about education… she says when you done singing, you still need an education to handle your business and it’s one sure thing you can fall back on when the music don’t work,” the 20-year-old says.
Jay Anderson (Jumaine Anderson Walcott) has had many offers since taking music seriously to sign contracts of varying sorts, but none suiting the fancy of his mom that would allow for him to focus on qualifying himself.
“Though tempting, I cannot abandon school. Mom wouldn’t let that happen,” he said.
Now in his third year at college, he says he’s gotten another offer from the Kobalt Company and is seriously contemplating signing on.

However, as the contract awaits his signature, he’s decided that an artiste needs good grounding amongst his people. As such, he opted to take a trip back to Guyana to reconnect and has been the subject of many interviews. He’s hoping that his music will gain popularity at home first, as he will represent as a Guyanese, though his accent is thick American.
“When I’m done doing that, I will sign that contract or any other… and then it’s gonna be… Grammy here I come with the Golden Arrow head in my hand,” he boasts.
Since arriving in Guyana he hooked up with Entertainer Kerwin Bollers. After sampling some tracks, Jay Anderson has hit the studio with Timeka Marshall for a song that will eventually be released.
Though he was never heard of before, after a few minutes on radio, congratulatory messages started flowing with ladies simply ‘loving the vibes’ and wishing him ‘the best’ in his music dreams. Strange enough, while he digs a mean hip hop sound, he has a love for Bob Marley, Beres Hammond and Jah Cure music.

Basil Wiliams & Associates AD


Born Shamain Greaves June 3, 1992 in Georgetown, Guyana it was music from the start. Born the daughter to the lead singer of Frontline, a popular band based in Guyana she drew her musical influences from reggae, R&B, soul and those unforgettable golden oldies. At age 3 she moved to the United States and by age 5 began attending Thomas G. Pullen an arts magnet school located in Landover, Maryland. There Shamain studied the violin under the late Leslie Thomas and joined the school orchestra where she would hone her skills and expand her musical influences until graduation in her eight grade year. After Pullen she attended Suitland High School in Forestville, Maryland where she continued to study the violin but began to sense a burning passion for singing. This strong passion for singing took over her sophomore year when through a internship program called “Hip-hop High” she found herself behind behind the microphone in Gudda Musik studios recording her very first song. After graduating from Suitland Shamain singed to GM the label 2010 and began her road to history. As a sultry singer and songwriter Shamain brings a unique element to the music, her velvety vocal texture continues to gain her new fans everyday and is sure to soon win the hearts and soul of people worldwide.






 If someone had asked any local music fan ten years ago, who was the leading gospel artiste in Guyana, their answer would most likely have been “Eion Greaves”. Ten years on, the man who played an instrumental role in transforming the local gospel music industry, is in another country but is still spreading his message of God’s love. The singer, who gained popularity locally with his album ‘Restoration’ which included the hit tunes “I Have a Plan” and “Restoration”, is currently residing in Maryland, USA. He has been living there for the last eight years with his wife Kim and children. In a recent interview with The Scene, Eion Greaves spoke at length of God’s goodness to him since his migration. He said when he first arrived in the USA it required readjustment as it was a bit difficult in a country where people had a different interpretation of Christianity from what he had been accustomed. However, he said, one of his mottos is: “If you don’t see a model be a model” and that is what he has attempted to be.

Prophet Eion is the founder and senior pastor of Kingdom Reign Ministries International; MD, USA. KRMI is an apostolic and Prophetic Arm of the body of Christ whose purpose is to bring the glory of God through worship to the Earth, and to (impart) and raise up those in the music and arts ministries. Kingdom Reign Ministries was birthed by the spirit of God, and started in 1985 when the Psalmist Eion Greaves from Georgetown Guyana, South America embraced the call of God on his life to Worship Beyond the Veil.
Through this ministry, many nations have been blessed, and impacted: Guyana, S. A., Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados and many cities throughout the United States. Kingdom Reign Ministries is a prophetic voice that ministers over Nations, Ministries, and people’s destinies and brings them into their rightful place in God.
To Date, Prophet Eion music is still reigning in Guyana and around the Caribbean. January 2012 Guyana hosted through GT&T its first mega gospel concert at the national stadium featuring international gospel icon Donnie Mcklurkin in which Eion Greaves was also featured as the opening act. Since then he has produced his new music video “Our time has Come” which is the opening song for his new album “Prophetic Moments”.Pastor/Prophet/Psalmist Eion Greaves is called to speak govern-mentally to leadership regarding the music and art ministries throughout the body of Christ. When listening to the ministry of this Prophet one cannot help but be drawn into the very presence of almighty God and experience permanent change.


Minister Megan Greaves-Massay is an anointed and inspirational multi-faceted vessel, who has been ordained by God to release His Glory through the Fine Arts. She also helps individuals to identify, embrace and develop their gifting in the arts. She was born into a family of singers, musicians, Pastors and Prophets.

Megan is a native of Georgetown Guyana, South America and Citizen of the United States for twenty –two years. Minister Megan Massay has attended and graduated several Bible Colleges –PCU, Kingdom University and Chaplaincy School International. She is also a skilled and serial Entrepreneur; she has owned and operated several successful businesses, while finding the time to travel within the US and Overseas.

Minister Massay served at the Embassy Worship Center for 13 years, where Dr.N. Cindy Trimm was the senior Pastor and Visionary. She also attended the Faith Center under Bishop Henry Fernandez, Kingdom Reign Ministries Florida, where Prophetess Rose Ann Greaves and Prophet Eion Greaves is the Overseers. She now serves at the PWI under the tutelage of Dr. Ricardo Straun.

Minister Megan Greaves-Massay is a Guyanese born ordained Chaplain and Pastor of the Prophetic arts comes from a family of singers, musicians, prophets and the arts, she lived in Florida for over 22 years, she is married to Clairmont Massay and they have 4 beautiful children.  Her passion for Christ has allowed her to travel to many countries demonstrating the gospel Of the kingdom through the arts and song. Minister Megan serves as armor bearer to Prophetess Rose Greaves. Minister Megan An anointed prophetic worshiper in the dance. She intercedes  for the nations through the arts , using warfare flags and Prophetic movements .


Ring Bang Tassa Crew

Maisie Dunbar Advt


The artist, Sypha, born into a musical family Sypha received his birth name Marvin from the late great Marvin Gaye. From his hometown, Georgetown Guyana, and the profound influence and blessing from Sypha’s Jamaican side of his family, was where he first got hook to the music he so grew to love so, and desire to create to this day. 

The name SYPHA (Several Years Praising Him Almighty) came with great influence from Nacha one of his brother after misrepresentation with a previous name Source-R-Raw. Of which created controversy towards the artist’s lyrics what he represents and the connotation of such name.

Deeply ingrained in the church, Sypha’s parents listened to the late greats like Mahalia Jackson, Bob Marley, and Jacob Miller and Third World of which his Dadda Carrot Jarrett the percussionist was once of the original members. Being mainly reared by his grandparents, Sypha grew up in a home where there were seven grandchildren, with Sypha notably emerging as the most artistically inclined, as well as the most troublesome. Sypha can recall hearing the good reggae and old soca tunes playing and the old folks ‘jamming to di music’ and standing in love with the rhythms.

As a teenager young Sypha formed his own hip-hop, dance-hall crew with which he entertained the masses at parties and on di streets on New Amsterdam, Berbice where he spent most of his years as a youth. He has touched every aspect of his passion for the arts, from singing, to dancing, to bringing his culture’s music to life out of the depths of his soul. Upon arrival to the United States, and more specifically Brooklyn, New York, Sypha received the awesome inspiration to move himself musically in all ways that he found suitable. Performed in the C.F.N. Band for about 5 years, he then left and establishes the crew OneInity of which he is founder CEO. “OneInity is a movement of individuals of different races, ethnicity and culture who are seeking ways to bring righteous living and fuljoyment to those in need as well as penetrating and encouraging health youth and growth.  This is also the name of his recording label.”

Sypha’s primary musical influences are Bob Marley, Buju Banton, his Dadda Irvin Jarrett aka Carrot, Peter Tosh, Beres Hammond, Jay-Z, Lauren Hill, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys and KRS One just to name a few.  One thing is certain; Sypha loves creating the music, and even more so bringing the energy of that creation to his performances. Sypha expressed the following: “Di music… is di ansah to all mi problems and the excitement of my itinual existing”

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