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A World of Classical Designs with inspiring innovation – HOUSE OF BYFIELDS/CARMICHEAL BYFIELD  

Carmichael FF6 Carmichael FF5 Carmichael FF7 Carmichael FF8

Maisie Dunbar Advt

Carmichael FF3Carmichael FF1Carmichael FFAn unmistakable style that expresses the unconventional luxury which season after season innovates the fashion fraternity internationally.


8.5 x 11 AD


……..believes it is his objective, as a couturier to both enhance and celebrate the feminine form.

Gavin Douglas

Gavin Douglas 1Gavin Douglas 2 Gavin Douglas 3 860500_10151299646021884_788656936_o 830404_10151299663766884_1006821828_oNell Robinson in Gavin Douglas 1mbGavin Douglas 4

GavinGAVIN DOUGLAS is an elite women’s wear fashion label that within a short period of time, has achieved incredible success and recognition. Douglas’ ultra chic designs have been worn by A list celebrities and have been seen regularly on the pages of the world’s most influential fashion and lifestyle publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Tatler and Vogue.

Born in Birmingham in the United Kingdom of Jamaican descent, Douglas excelled in creative design from a young age and on leaving high school, actively pursued fashion as a career option. On graduating from university, Douglas set up his fashion label and quickly became recognized as an innovative fashion designer. He went on to be awarded The Avant-Garde Designer of the Year, The Fashion Fringe Award, Smirn-Off Originator Award and the Caribbean Master Designer Award.





“A Synergy of Art and Soul”

veve 4 veve6


Phelicia Dell was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Daughter of a dressmaker and a former, over ten years, textile factory supervisor. Phelicia’s artistic skills were easily recognized by her mom and acquaintances from an early age. At the age of fifteen, she was gifted her first sewing machine purchased by her mother at a thrift store in Miami where she and her family lived.

Phelicia made her first outfit for a girlfriend at the age of 16. Excited, she decided to start taking sewing lessons. She took extra credits during the summer. That was the perfect way she introduced herself to the world of fashion and developed her knowledge of design. Later, she worked as a window dresser in an exclusive gift store while simultaneously freelancing for a couturier doing small alterations.

“I can remember in High School how I always wanted to paint and draw things. My art classes used to be an escape, better yet, a refuge. I drew pictures, lots of them; I liked to draw them based on colors, textures and themes. I was inspired by everything that I came in contact with. My favorite place was the fabric store located five minutes from my house. The art galleries, the craft stores, the fine boutiques and fabric showrooms were, and remain my main attractions to visit, no matter where I go.”

Phelicia sharpened her knowledge of marketing and fashion merchandising from the sales associate positions she held at major department stores. Then, she decided to open her own boutique while pursuing a career in fashion. She later closed the boutique and went to Haiti to freelance as an interior decorator for an architect who will later become her husband and the father of their only child. Extremely gifted and bright, Phelicia gathered experience designing for a number of individuals for many years. While living in Haiti, she gained a creative global meaningful inspiration that will later become her VeVe signature style and trademark. Her designs have a legacy, artisan style, which makes her work timeless and beautiful. Exclusive and graceful characteristics are key trends in Phelicia’s clothes and assortment of accessories. Haiti’s music and dance, especially the sacred rhythms, and the VeVe diagrams have always been an inspiration that influenced Phelicia Dell’s artistic vein and creative collections throughout her career.

veve5 veve3 Veve Veve.1Veve 2

In 2006 she launched her VeVe Collections line with 25 beaded cocktail dresses. Phelicia Dell is one of a few Haitian born designers to own her workshop. There, is where dresses and accessories are made from prototypes. Today, a large amount of her designs are made to order for celebrities who make up her clientele list.

VeVe Collections, (or its namesake) is owned by the VeVe Collections Company. It is now mostly known for its bags and accessories division designed by Phelicia Dell; but at the same time, the couture division is expanding. All VeVe Collections products and ready-to-wear articles are produced under license agreements with Phelicia Dell.

Her style is instantly recognizable with structured elegance and accentuated details. Phelicia went from piecing together a beaded flag to creating a very identifiable and stylish piece of art. She designed a new feminine silhouette bag where shapes, curves and pockets are highlighted by the exactness of their cuts.


full-ad.HR.3a (2) Salon-Obsessions



Jenny Polanco is a Dominican fashion designer with over 30 years experience in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Paris and New York. Her “Pret a Porter” (ready to wear) and Couture designs are most popular for being sophisticated yet simple, classic and easy to wear – enhanced by typically Dominican “touches”, such as buttons crafted from amber, horn, larimar, mother of pearl and coral.



For 10 years now she has been designing and creating jewelry and complements inspired in the tones and transparency of the amber stone combined with pearls, leather and semi-precious stones. Her product is non globalized and primarily of hand crafted artistic characteristics, always emphasizing femininity and Caribbean elegance.

1 Tower Isles

Basil Wiliams & Associates AD11-Baird-&-Baird-Law-New-22

CCDC_RelocationFlyer_Fall CCDC_RelocationFlyer_Fall_v2_F-1


Racquel SmithRacquel Smith

Meet RACQUEL SMITH….Described as a fierce, feisty and flirty Jamaican, The straight-talking Racquel is also a comedienne, of sorts. She delights in making other people happy with her pleasant personality. But, she is also quick to point out that she does not mince words when she is cross.

Racquel Smith

In 10 years, Racquel hopes to have achieved major success in fashion as well as open her own cosmetology store. “Fashion is my life but cosmetology will always be my first love. I want to use the money I make from modelling to start my own business.”

Racquel Smith

Racquel is in the top 12 contestants of UK’s “The FACE” The leggy Smith, who hails from Portmore, St Catherine, is currently based in London. She is a product of the Caribbean Model Search organised by Jamaica’s fashion agency Pulse.

Smith has not only made the show’s final cut, but is paired with iconic British supermodel Naomi Campbell who will mentor and coach her through the show.

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