2020 DESIGNERS – The Third Element

David André Collection by David André
David André Collection
OLYMPIA’S FASHION by Olympia Small Sonaram

Olympia’s talent is described as “RAW“ this flamboyant fashion designer has a personal relationship with fashion and a sense of style.

Olympia’s designs come naturally. Her aspirations and exceptional talent stemmed from her mother who herself is a designer and seamstress. Olympia participated in numerous fashion contest wearing gowns which were designed by her from just a tender age of 14 years and made by her mother. In almost all her approximately 15 different contest she captured the best gown prize.

It is no secret that Olympia is well known for her extremely sexy and provocative as well as conservative clothing line which was displayed at many well-known fashion extravaganzas, namely: Diva’s International, Passion and Purity, Caribbean Fashion Week and Guyana Fashion Week….

JUDE ROBERTS – 2020 Photographer of the year

Jude Roberts is a Professional Photographer and founder of Versatile Studios Trinidad and Tobago.

Before starting the company, Jude spent nine years as a Videographer and Video Editor for video production companies in Trinidad and Tobago.

After a successful career working on various television programmes, television commercials, wedding videos etc., Jude was given the opportunity to work with still images as a hobbyist photographer and for the past eleven years he has been working on various photography projects in Trinidad and Tobago, the United States and the Dominican Republic. Jude enjoys sports (football (soccer), anyone?) hiking, music, meeting new people, spending time with friends and family and travelling the world.

Jude’s main market in terms of photography is weddings but has now expanded to fashion photography which he has been heavily involved in over the past two years.


About Karib Nation, Inc.

Hosted annually in June, the Caribbean Style and Culture Runway Showcase is a fusion of fashion, music while showcasing the best of Caribbean talent. First held in June 2009 to commemorate and celebrate National Caribbean American Heritage Month, CSC captures the flair, glamour, elegance, and authenticity of the Caribbean. Furthermore, it creates a platform for budding and prominent designers and models to expand their brand, build their network, and display their creativity and talent to the diaspora. Most importantly, the CSC Showcase seeks to recognize and award Caribbean Designers, Models, Photographers, and Makeup Artists for the significant contributions made to the arts industry in the region. In the past 10 years, the Caribbean Style and Culture Awards have certainly evolved into an all-encompassing cultural extravaganza that sees attendance from Caribbean Diplomats and other Officials of the Diaspora. To date, our proudest moment was to be honored by the presence of the First Lady of Guyana, Mrs. Sandra Granger, who hailed the event as important in the recognition of the work of Caribbean artists in the fashion industry. As we continue in our growth, we aim to ensure that Caribbean artists are continually given a platform to grow and develop their talents.

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