Caribbean fashion trends and Caribbean attire are known for being part of the Caribbean and West Indies’ diverse cultures and traditions. For decades, the Caribbean has developed its culture, drawing from its history and foundation. In the earlier times of history, because of slavery, people were driven out of Europe, Africa, and Asia. These refugees and immigrants found safety in the Caribbean islands.

With them, arrived the traditions, beliefs, ideologies, and cultures of numerous other countries. This myriad of cultures resulted in a unique blend that came to the formation in the shape of the rich Caribbean culture. One such example stands that in the designs of their garments, one might find fragments of inspiration drawn from Chinese clothes and garments, yet a look unique to the Caribbean islands remains prevalent.

Every year without fail as the seasons start switching, new trends inspired by our countries’ cultures roll onto the runways and into the markets, and why should the Caribbean be any different?

Garments worn in the Caribbean islands are reminiscent of the beauty of life there. The clothes represent the tropical environment in which everything stands proud in its existence. Caribbean natives will be one of the last ones to shy away from brightening up a palette. No matter which color you name –red, green, blue, yellow, orange– if it’s bold and bright you’ll find it represented.

The influence of beautiful traditional African attire on the local fashion industry is often evident and can be seen in the brightly-colored garments displayed on both the runways and in public that merge vibrant colors with free-flowing designs that engulf and adapt to the natural curves of the body.  Yet another solid African influence seen in Caribbean fashion is the use of earth and its various elements: precious stones, tree bark, nuts, and seeds are all used to accessorize garments.

The WOB DWIYET (or Dwiyèt) is the national dress of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Its design was conceived by freed slave women in the French Caribbean Territories (Dominica was one among them) at a time when former slaves were prohibited from wearing the same attire as the ‘Grand Blanc’ (White French Plantation Owners).

About Karib Nation, Inc.

Hosted annually in June, the Caribbean Style and Culture Runway Showcase is a fusion of fashion, music, and art while showcasing the best of Caribbean talent. First held in June 2009 to commemorate and celebrate National Caribbean American Heritage Month, CSC captures the flair, glamour, elegance, and authenticity of the Caribbean. Furthermore, it creates a platform for budding and prominent designers and models to expand their brand, build their network, and display their creativity and talent to the diaspora. Most importantly, the CSC Showcase seeks to recognize and award Caribbean Designers, Models, Photographers, and Makeup Artists for the significant contributions made to the arts and fashion industry in the region. In the past 10 years, the Caribbean Style and Culture Awards have certainly evolved into an all-encompassing cultural extravaganza that sees attendance from Caribbean Diplomats and other Officials of the Diaspora. To date, our proudest moment was to be honored by the presence of the First Lady of Guyana, Mrs. Sandra Granger, who hailed the event as important in the recognition of the work of Caribbean artists in the fashion industry. As we continue in our growth, we aim to ensure that Caribbean artists are continually given a platform to grow and develop their talents.

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